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Wholesale Nonwoven Fabric

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Beston is a professional non-woven manufacturers. the company well-equipped, advanced technology, strict testing. Beston can supplies various non-woven fabrics (Such SMS nonwoven fabric, meltblown nonwoven fabric, PP nonwoven fabric, SMMS non woven fabric, SS non woven fabric, etc,.).

Quick Details

Technics: Nonwoven

Material: 100% Polypropylene

Density: 10gsm-260gsm

Width: 17.5cm,260cm (can be slit)

Colors: Made-to-order, white,red,yellow,pink,blue,black

Specification: 25g/gsm,disposable mask and surgical mask special use

Uses of Non-woven Fabrics

1. Medical field: Face mask, surgical gown, protective clothes,operation cover,cap,shoe cover,bed sheet etc.

2. Sanitary and Health: Baby&adult diaper,feminie hygiene,hygiene pad,etc

3. Agriculture and horticulture

4. bags,tablecloth, packing material, Filter material

Non-woven Weight Reference

Beston provides customers with non-woven fabrics of different weights. The larger the order quantity, the more favorable the price. Contact us for the latest quote now!

More About Beston

Beston is used in advanced manufacturing equipment, and our products are well received by customers. Beston's products have been exported to 45+ countries around the world.

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