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Wholesale PP Melt Blown Nonwoven Fabric

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The melt blown non-woven fabrics produced by the Beston have all been treated with electrets and have good protection properties. 

Other Name:melt blown non woven fabric, meltblown nonwoven, pp melt blown nonwoven fabric, BFE99 fabric, PFE95 fabric, microfibre melt blown nonwoven fabric.

Why Choose BESTON Meltblown Nonwoven Fabric?

1: Festure: By the electret treatment, Anti-Bacteria, Anti-pull, Anti-static, Breathable.

2: Factory work directly with you, 100% Factory Price.

3: Filter Grade: bfe99, pfe95, pfe96.

Beston Meltblown Nonwoven Production Workshop Display

Beston Group is a well-known company integrating R&D, manufacturing and production.  Beston has six melt blown nonwoven production lines, which can produce 200 tons of high-quality melt blown nonwoven per month. The melt blown nonwoven produced by Beston has been exported to 120+ countries.

Beston can supplies various non-woven fabrics (Such meltblown nonwoven, meltblown fabric, SMS nonwoven fabric, PP Spunbond Nonwovens, PP nonwoven fabric, SMMS non woven fabric, SS non woven fabric, Spunbond nonwovens, etc,.).

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