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COVID-19 Vaccines

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As a "seed player" in the research and development of new COVID-19 vaccine, we have a number of internationally certified vaccine products, and has successful cooperation cases with many vaccine projects of international institutions, and has the experience of large-scale export of vaccines to foreign countries. At present, we have completed the construction of COVID-19 inactivated vaccine production workshops an annual production capacity of 200 million doses. We will soon be able to provide a large number of safe, effective and high-quality vaccines for the world. 

The vaccine was safe after vaccination, and there was no serious adverse reaction. After different procedures and doses of vaccination, the vaccinators in the vaccine group produced high titer antibody. The positive conversion rate of neutralizing antibody reached 100% after inoculating two doses on 0 and 28 days. 

Now the new vaccine has completed the third phase of clinical trials and approved for marketing, sars-cov2-vaccine have started to take orders online by Beston Group and only can sell 10000 pieces per day.

Online enquiry and orders will get full attention and quick action from Beston Group.

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