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What is a pulp molding machine or an egg tray machine?

Pulp molding is a three-dimensional papermaking technology. It uses waste paper as a raw material and uses a special mold to shape a paper product on a molding machine. The egg tray machine is a type of pulp molding equipment.

It has four major advantages

  1. The raw material is waste paper, including board paper, waste paper box paper, waste white edge paper, etc., from a wide range of sources

2. The production process is completed by the processes of pulping, adsorption molding, drying and shaping, and it is not harmful to the environment

3. Can be recycled

4. Smaller volume than foamed plastic, can be overlapped, convenient for transportation

5. Pulp molding, in addition to meal boxes, tableware, more industrial buffer packaging, the current rapid development

Multiple possibilities for one machine

What can the pulp molding equipment do? Not only can it make egg trays, but also one machine equipped with multiple molds, there are many possibilities.

It can be an egg tray, a fruit tray, a coffee drink tray, or a shoe brace, tableware, box, etc.

Model size can be selected according to your needs.


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