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Incinerator for Medical Waste

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Most medical waste is highly contagious. If these medical wastes are not harmlessly treated, they will pose a huge threat to human health. Therefore, Beston Group has developed and produced a rotary kiln medical waste incinerator that can process various hazardous wastes (such as pathological wastes, infectious wastes, chemical wastes, industrial wastes, etc.).

Features of Beston Medical Waste Incinerator

Harmless Treatment: can handle infectious waste, prevent two infection;

Emission Standard: EU flue gas emission standard;

Dioxins Concentration in Exhaust Gas: <0.1ngTEQ/Nm3;

The Temperature in Chamber: for kiln,850-950℃;for secondary chamber,1100℃-1200℃;

What Materials Can Medical Waste Incinerator Handle?

Medical Waste: various hazardous waste such as syringes, gauze, blood vessels, waste organs, etc.

Small Animals Carcass: poultry, birds, etc.

Other Hazardous Waste: industrial waste, chemical waste, etc.

Why Choose An Incinerator from BESTON?

1: We have our own specialized factory, professional manufacturing teams and advanced technology to ensure the quality of products.

2: 8 overseas offices. More convenient to provide technical services for you.

3: More than 60 after-sales engineers guarantee after-sales service at any time.

About BESTON Medical Waste Incinerator

Beston has decades of experience in this field. Our incinerator can safely and effectively pyrolyze medical waste. The product model is complete, the daily processing capacity is from 5 tons per day to 30 tons per day, and the incinerator can be customized according to your needs.


1: Are you factory or trade company?

—— BESTON is both a manufacturer and a supplier. We have more than 20 years of manufacturing R & D experience, and our equipment is exported to more than 120 countries around the world.

2: What’s the capacity series?

—— 5t/d; 10t/d; 15t/d, 20t/d; 30t/d.

3: How do I get a free quote?

—— You can leave us a message on the website and we will send you the price within 24 hours.

4: What kinds of wastes can be treated?

—— Medical waste; industrial waste; waste oil; waste solvents; oil sludge; contaminated soil; waste lubricating oil; mining waste; oil refining waste...

5: What’s waste water treatment method?

—— Waste generated by wet scrubber can be recycled to cooling the residue and the flue gas.

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