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Household Waste/Medical Waste Incinerator

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Beston Group currently has two types of incinerators (batch incinerator and rotary kiln incinerator). They can handle household waste, medical waste, industrial waste, chemical waste, and other hazardous waste. These two incinerators have the characteristics of good incineration effect and high degree of harmlessness.

Both batch incinerator and rotary kiln incinerator have their own advantages. This article is mainly about Beston's batch incinerator.

What Materials Can Batch Waste Incinerator Handle?

Household Waste: various household waste such as food scraps, paper,  batteries and paints, etc,.

Medical Waste: various hazardous waste such as syringes, gauze, blood vessels, waste organs, etc.

Small Animals Carcass: poultry, birds, etc.

Other Hazardous Waste: industrial waste, chemical waste, etc.

Success Cases

Beston specializes in the R&D and manufacture of waste incinerators. The equipment has been successfully exported to 45 countries including Malawi, Tanzania, Turkey and Ghana. The equipment runs well and has great economic benefits, which is well received by customers.

Why Choose An Incinerator from BESTON?

1: We have our own specialized factory, professional manufacturing teams and advanced technology to ensure the quality of products.

2: 8 overseas offices. More convenient to provide technical services for you.

3: More than 60 after-sales engineers guarantee after-sales service at any time.

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