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Thailand Carbonization Project

It is such a natural fate for people to meet. The story between Beston and our Thai customers starts from January 17, 2019. It was an early spring morning. The chill had not yet subsided. It was still very cold. In order to welcome our customers, we left for the airport to wait before their flight arrived. Finally, we met the customers at the International Arrivals. At this time, the temperature in Zhengzhou was only 5℃. However, for the Thai customers who live in the temperature of more than 30 degrees all year round, it was very comfortable. Although we met for the first time, we felt like old friends whom we had not seen for a long time, greeting warmly and chatting happily.

On the morning of January 18, 2019, we accompanied the customers to visit Beston carbonization equipment production workshop. Before the visit, the customers had been informed that the machine test cannot be arranged due to the weather. Even so, they still insisted on coming to visit, which made us feel the cooperation sincerity of the customers, so we didn’t dare to have the slightest slack in this visit. We introduced the main parts of the carbonization equipment to the customers in detail and showed them the assembled demo plant. After leaving the workshop, we had an in-depth discussion with the customers in the office about the characteristics and advantages of Beston carbonization equipment, and also prepared coconut shell charcoal samples for the customers to test.

On the afternoon of the same day, we showed the customers around Beston's headquarters office. It made the customers had a more comprehensive understanding of our company's strength and business philosophy, and strengthened the willingness of both sides to cooperate. At the end of the day, we took a photo with each other. At this point, our first meeting with the Thai customers is over.

After the customers returned to Thailand, they studied on the proposal we provided seriously. As soon as the Chinese New Year was over, they actively asked us to arrange the machine test. We fully cooperated with them and arranged the relevant matters of the test as soon as possible. So this was our second meeting with the customers. On March 1, 2019, the customers came all the way from Thailand again to visit our carbonization equipment production workshop, and carefully checked the trial operation of the demo plant. They were very satisfied with the test results and confirmed the order on the spot.

In May 2019, we strictly complied with the contract and completed the machine manufacturing on time. In June, the customers personally came here to inspect the machine. It had been summer in Zhengzhou. Sweating in the hot sun, they meticulously checked the production of every part. This showed that they attached great attention to this project. It also maked us treat all related work more rigorously.

After the inspection, we returned to the office together. The customer had started to prepare the foundation work. We discussed with our engineer some questions about the civil engineering, and helped the customers solve their doubts.

In July 2019, we carried out the final inspection and packaging of the machine carefully. Then arranged shipping to send it to the customers’ receiving port.

After about half a month, the machine arrived at the port safely. Meanwhile, the customers’ foundation work was almost completed. So we started to arrange our engineers to go to Thailand to help customers install the machine.

At present, the busy installation work is in progress. Bestons experienced engineer will provide the customers with high-quality after-sales service. We promise to complete the machine installation and debugging efficiently and qualitatively, and train local workers carefully. We believe that this project is just the beginning of a long-term cooperation between Beston and the customers. We look forward to writing a new chapter of our story together!


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