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Romania Pyrolysis Project

On August 22, 2018, we received our Romanian customers’ inquiry for Pyrolysis Plant and Distillation Plant. According to their requirement, we recommended BLJ-16 Pyrolysis Plant and BZJ-10 Distillation Plant to them. It was not long before they informed us that they would visit the factories in China in September. However, because of the tight schedule, they could only spend one day with us. In this precious day, we must show them Beston’s powerful strength and qualified machine as comprehensively as possible. Our sales manager discussed and planned the reception process before the visit to ensure we could stand out from several suppliers.

On September 27, 2018, after visiting other factories, the customers finally came to Beston Pyrolysis Plant Manufacturing Base. First of all, we showed them around the equipment production workshop, and introduced in detail the materials, functions and characteristics of each part of the equipment. We also introduced to them that we could provide customized services according to their special requirements. One of the customers was an engineer. He asked a lot of technical questions, but they were all answered by our engineer from a professional perspective. After coming out of the workshop, we went on to discuss some questions about the configuration of Pyrolysis Plant in the office. Romania is a European country with strict environmental protection policies, so the customers were very concerned about the exhaust emission of Pyrolysis Plant in the production process. For this point, our engineer and the engineer of the customer side decided on a complete solution after considerable discussion.

After a short day, we had a feeling of regretting our late meeting with the customers. There were so many topics to continue to talk about. Gratefully, the customers took another day from their busy schedule for us. On September 28, 2018, we invited them to visit Beston's headquarters office located in E-commerce Port. In the office, based on the discussion in the factory yesterday, we sent the revised configuration of the equipment to them, which was approved finally. In addition, we also had a formal business negotiation on the price, payment terms and so on. In a word, the meeting was not only a battle of wits and courage between the customers and us, but we also admired each other at the same time. After the meeting, the customers played with the spinning in our recreation area amusedly. At this moment, we were no longer business partners, but friends!

After the customers returned to Romania, we kept in close contact with each other. Eventually, we received their advance payment on December 13, 2018. It took about two months to finish production, testing, painting and other work. During this period, we regularly updated the production schedule to the customers through pictures or videos to keep the information in sync with them. They were very satisfied with this.

Everything was ready. We confirmed the shipping date and arranged the shipment smoothly in July 2019. After around 40 days’ sea and inland transportation, the equipment was delivered to the customer site intactly. At present, the customers have completed the civil construction according to the professional foundation drawing we provided. Meanwhile our engineer's visa application is in progress. Expectedly, our engineer will arrive at the customer's site around October 22nd. Sincerely hope Beston and Romanian customers enjoy a pleasant cooperation and lasting friendship!


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