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Good news! Beston BLL-16 waste pyrolysis plant will be shipped to Nigeria! BLL-16 pyrolysis plant can process approximately 15-20 tons of waste tires per day. The customer plans to use this machine to process waste tires and obtain fuel oil.

More About Beston Pyrolysis Plant

Tyre pyrolysis plants can convert old tyre/rubber/plastic into useful products which may then be sold. A number of these useful products include carbon black,fuel oil, steel wire, and hydrocarbon gas. In the whole production process, there is no black smoke, no bad smell. pyrolysis tyre recycling plant is undoubtedly an environmentally-friendly machine. So, it is smart to purchase a waste pyrolysis plant to recycle waste tyres. This can help you make huge profitswhile clearing the pile of old tyres you possess.


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